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icmInspector QMS

The icmInspector is a comprehensive, modular system for digitizing and automating quality control, infrastructure inspection, service and audit processes.


Measurable effects of the system

  • Improvment of quality in the organization through the implementation of modern control, inspection and interial audit processes that allow for the detection of irregular and undesirable situations in an unreliable, dispersed way and in real time.
  • Minimalization of operating costs by shortening the time of preparation and distribution of materials and tools for control activities by replacing them with electronic versions with the possibility of their subsequent editing.
  • Increase the efficiency of employees responsible for controls and audits thanks to tools of fast and flawless data collection, protecting against omission of key information and introducing the possibility of scheduling work. 
  • Eliminate errors, abuses and fraud in the control process, by enforcing only logically permissible responses, recording metadata of data collection, reding data in the form of barcodes and QR, reading data using NFC, photos with saved lead time.
  • Planning in real time on the basis of the inspection results that flow into the system in real time we can make the most accurate decisions and react immediately to the irregularities found.
  • Reduction of data analysis time by nearly 90% thanks to mechanisms of automatic analysis of recived data and notification of detected irregularities.
  • Automatic work scheduling thanks to built-in tools for creating work plans, the system is able to automatically create work schedules for ang period of time, any pool of locations, scripts and distribute tasks to individual employees.
  • Online access to all data through mechanisms for making all collected data available in electronic form in individual, aggregated and analytical terms.

System modules

Description of our system components

Scenarios building

  • 19 step types including: List Select, List Multiple, Text and Number Input, Photo and Video, Screen Caption, Date, Email, GPS, QR Code Scan and NFC Scan
  • validation of the answer
  • dependent questions
  • repetitive groups
  • scores
  • speech recognition
  • copying and versioning scenarios
  • no quantitative restrictions

Mobile application for Android devices

  • work on-line and off-line
  • employee task calendar
  • access to all assigned scenarios
  • stopping work
  • work history
  • the ability to work in many virtual organizations
  • cooperation with Bluetooth measuring devices (e.g. SYLVAC calipers)
  • taking pictures and recording video
  • speech recognition
  • NFC codes and GPS location for confirming the workplace


  • automatic creation of reports (HTML, PDF) with GPS maps, photos and recordings. summary reports (HTML, PDF). analytical reports with charts (HTML, PDF)
  • data tables (CSV)
  • notifications about data collection (e-mail, SMS)
  • notifications about the failure to implement an action (e-mail, SMS)
  • automatic distribution of reports by own schedules
  • own reports (wizard)
  • work reports (subject, places and working time)


  • wizard of any alarms and notification scenarios of irregularities
  • automatic email and SMS notifications without having to view all reports
  • setting up and commenting on events and detected alarms
  • history of corrective and corrective actions
  • configurable no-action reminders for detected irregularities


  • kreator dowolnych alarmów i scenariuszy powiadamiania o nieprawidłowościach
  • automatyczne powiadomienia email i SMS bez konieczności przeglądania wszystkich raportów
  • statuowanie i komentowanie zdarzeń i wykrytych alarmów
  • historia działań naprawczych i korygujących
  • konfigurowalne przypomnienia o braku podjęcia działań dla wykrytych nieprawidłowości


  • scheduling scenarios for persons and objects
  • automatic planning of future events
  • recurring events
  • drawing work plans
  • monitoring the implementation of the work plan

Web surveys

  • the ability to complete surveys via a web browser from desktop computers or mobile devices
  • camera support
  • filling in questionnaires without logging into the system
  • no quantitative restrictions

Internet of Things module

  • support for IoT (internet of things) controllers. automatic collection of data from production devices in terms of stocks (0/1), values ​​(any numbers)
  • automatic data analysis and notifications about irregularities
  • automatic report wizard with the possibility of sending e-mails
  • BacNET communication
  • large pool of sensors and measuring devices


  • built-in analytical and tabular reports
  • managerial dashboard
  • bar, pie and line charts
  • summary reports with the auto dispatch wizard
  • alarm module with e-mail and SMS notifications

Application appearance


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telefon: +48 694 412 203 e-mail: icmobile@icmobile.pl

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