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The icmCheck module is a comprehensive system for the unique identification of any product, which guarantees 100% verification of the originality of the product.


Support of orginiality verification

  • The ability to verify the originality of the product with 100% certainty,
  • Elimination of unoriginal products from the market (illegal import, fakes),
  • A new marketing tool for communicating with the consumer,
  • Unique and modern product marking, confirming its originality.

Modules od icmCheck system

Description of our system components

Web console

Management module, the central part of the system, enabling the addition and editing of data in NFC tags. Module available via a web browser. Access is based on user accounts to which appropriate access rights to individual functionalities are assigned.

Mobile application

Application running on Android control Version 5.1 or higher, intended for all users who want to read the NFC tag. Access to applications for end users is free. The application can be used on devices equipped with the NFC module. The application works in online mode, Internet access is required for the application to work.


Why our system?

  • The ability to read a unique NFC tag using a mobile phone with Android and iOS (from iPhone 7).
  • The ability to save unreliable and unique data.
  • The ability to build a database of unreliable and unique NFC tags.


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telefon: +48 694 412 203 e-mail: icmobile@icmobile.pl

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